Edward Lee

Christ Follower. Married 19 years. Father to a miracle child, that doctor’s said was “physically impossible” to have. 

The years of my own marriage have taught me: “Whatever you want to see improve in your marriage [from communication to trust or finances], you must first seek it with God.”


We married after 5 tough years of dating.

For 5 years we argued & broke up - over & over & over. But God had a plan. Through our many challenges, God taught us how to love each other - His way.

Unique Approach

Elevate Your Marriage: Lift the common challenges of marriage off of our shoulders as husbands & wives and into the hands of the Lord.

From engaged couples to seasoned marriages, I help couples build a better relationship with each other through a better relationship with Christ. 

There are more than 60 marriage’s in the Bible that provide us principles for our relationships today. Communication, Trust, Intimacy, Money Concerns - your marriage story is in the Bible. There is Hope!


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